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External Hinge Safe Deposit Box

간단한 설명:

  • 가격 : US $27-50 / Pieces
  • 기원의 장소 : 호남, 중국 (본토)
  • 브랜드 이름 : OEM / ODM
  • 재질 : 냉간 압연 강판 + 스테인레스 스틸 플레이트 + 티타늄 판
  • 크기 : 주문을 받아서
  • 구조 : 구조를 조립
  • 표면 처리 산성 세척 Phosphorized 정전 분체
  • : 시간을 조립 10~30분을, 우리는 각 제품에게 설치 지침을 제공
  • 무역 조건 : EXW, FOB, CIF, C & F
  • 포장 : 다섯 층 강한 수출 판지
  • 출력 : 500 문 / 일
  • 리드 타임 : 25 ~ 30 일
  • 제품 상세 정보

    제품 태그

    Safe Deposit Box(Safe Deposit  Locker)

    정의는 :  그것은 고객을위한 임대 상자를 의미하고, 그것은 일정한 온도와 습도 environment.Safe 금고 대여와 완벽한 안전 시스템을 가지고있는 동시에, 항목을 유지하기 위해 안전한 장소로 금고와 동등한를 받아들이는 보관 서비스입니다 고객의 위탁은 가치있는 일을 유지합니다.

    구조 :  주로 단위 유형 및 기둥 형으로 나누어, 일반적으로 이중 키 설치, 스테인리스 스틸과 냉연 강판으로 구성되어 잠금 설정하거나 지문 ones.Doors는에서 경우에만 고객의 키 박스 골키퍼의 키 작업을 열 수 같은 시간. 편리 주문형 대여 differernt 크기가 될 수 있습니다.

    사용법 :  현금, 금,은, 보석, 골동품, 그림, 주식, 채권, 부동산 계약, 보험 문서 및 도난을 방지하기위한 다른 귀중품, 누출 비밀, fireor 안전하지 않은 조건의 다른 우려를 저장하십시오.

    적용 단위 :  은행, 신탁 회사, 증권 회사, 보험 회사 및 성급 호텔 등  

    The common materials for safe deposit box
    ItemMaterialsSurface treatment
    Common door pannel10mm think SUS304 stainless steelStain surface treatment
    9mm steel pannel+SUS304stainless steel/Titanium pannel/mirrored steel(the thickness is 1mm)The steel pannel surface static sprayed+original color
    9mm steel pannel+SUS304stainless steel/Titanium pannel/mirrored steel(the thickness is 1mm)Original color
    10mm steel pannelThe surface is static sprayed
    Box body2.0mm thickness for cold-rolled steel pannelThe surface is static sprayed
    Storage box0.8mm thickness for cold-rolled steel pannelThe surface is static sprayed
    Base3.0mm thickness for steel pannelThe surface is static sprayed
    Pull-out shelfSame as door pannel+sliding rail/
    Door hingestianless steel door spindle+cold-rolled steel pannel hinge/
    LockUL certified dual keys mechanical locks/
    Optional lockCommon dual keys mechanical locks/
    Text upon doorsEngraved/stianless steel sticker/
    Text upon doorsStianless steel sticker/
    Note: Red logo font is a regular configuration

    Standard safe deposit box specification(Unit: mm)Safe deposit boxes drawing               微信图片_2019051109223312 Safe deposit box  production process

    bank safe boxbank deposit box(1)

    Why Choose Us

    1,Scale: Our factory covers 100,000 square meters area, with nearly 100 skilled workers.

    2,Equipment: We own more than 100 sets sheet-metal machine.

    3,Production capacity: Factory produce 30,000 sets metal cabinet and shelf, bank safe box 30,000 units and vault door 400 units per year.

    4,Production quality: All our products have passed national level or provincial level tests.

    5,Technical competence: With 10 engineers who possess more than 30 patents, Jinzheng Technology is one of the units who participate in the drafting of national standards for safe box and vault door. Our vault door obtained the 3rd level certificate of American UL in April 2018, which means Jinzheng Technology is the only company in this field who successfully gained the UL certification in mainland China.

    6,Authentication credential: We have acquired many certificates involving ISO9001 International Quality System Certification, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification,GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification and so on.

    7,Client groups: End customers increase by over 200 annually, including banking, financial, museums, libraries, governmental departments,etc. Products sell to over 10 countries and regions.

    (For more details, please refer to the SGS factory evaluation in the ‘download’ column.)


    FAQ/Contach Us

    Q1:Do you have factory of your own?

    A: Yes, we are original factory, our factory located in miluo city of hunan province, Welcome to visit our factory!

    Q2: What is your company's main products?

    A: vault door (room), safe deposit box, file and books equipment (intelligent serried shelf, bookshelf), safe box, special door (nuclear power door/monitor door) and office furniture for 16 years.

    Q3:Are the products in stock? If no stock, what is the delivery time?

    A:The usual sizes are in stock, we can send to you in 2-3 days. You can contact us to confirm before order.If no stock, the delivery time is 20 to 30 workdays according to the quantity of the order.

    Q4:Do you acccept OEM?

    A: Yes. Min order: 1 pcs

    Q5:Why is not the same as the price of the same style?

    A: Because the same style has different steel thickness, so the price will different.

    Q6:Can you sent samples for checking?

    A:Yes,Sample order is highly accept.

    Q7.:How can i go to your factory?

    A: if to Shenzhen You can take plane to Shenzhen Baoan Airport, Or you also can Take a high-speed bullet train to Shenzhen North Railway station, We will pick you up at the airport or high-speed station timely by car! And then we will go to the FACTORY TOGETHER;If to Miluo, Hunan province, Take plane to Changsha Huanghua Airport, Or Miluo East Railway station, We will pick you up once you landed.

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